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“Working to enable customers to run their businesses in harmony with the environment”


The Bravante Group is strongly committed to complying with environmental legislation. Consequently, the Group provides its subsidiaries and customers with fast, flexible solutions, night and day, to respond to emergencies on land and at sea, as well as consultancy, training and monitoring services, through Hidroclean.

Since 2000 the Hidroclean has been investing in services, training and technology in order to enable companies of different profiles, sizes and sectors to run their businesses in harmony with the environment.

The service execution methodology used is customized and covers all scenarios posing environmental risks, whether offshore, in coastal zones, in sheltered water or on land.

By monitoring and, when necessary, swiftly combating leakages of oil and chemical products, Hidroclean guarantees that companies of all sizes comply with Brazilian environmental legislation in an intelligent, safe and efficient manner, while helping to preserve our waters.

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