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Society, culture and environment

The Bravante Group believes that going beyond its legal obligations and establishing ethical and transparent relationships with all its stakeholders (partners, suppliers, customers, employees, government and society) contributes to improving the quality of life of everyone involved and building a conscientious and responsible society. Therefore, Bravante is formally committed to social and environmental corporate responsibility. It implements this policy through concrete actions encompassing environmental preservation precautions when conducting business, internal and external socially responsible actions to encourage volunteering, and cultural projects related to shipbuilding and shipping.

Some of the programs developed by Bravante are described below.

Building the Future Project

The Bravante Group and the Superarte Institute together run vocational training courses and job market inclusion initiatives for young people and adults, including people with disabilities, in the community of São Gonçalo. This training spans the fields of information technology, languages, technical skills and culture. Since the project was launched on September 28, 2011, it has trained 540 people split into 30 groups. A further 800 other people are on the waiting list for next year’s courses.

Quality of Life Program

According to the World Health Organization, quality of life is a set of individual perceptions of life in the context of cultural and values systems, covering physical, intellectual, emotional, professional, spiritual and social dimensions. In order to help maintain the personal and professional quality of life of its employees and service providers, every year the Bravante Group conducts a Health Promotion Week, in which it holds events and distributes leaflets about the following topics:

· Health in all its different dimensions;

· Preventing and treating the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs;


· Vaccination campaigns

Talking about the Environment at Schools Project

This project is run at elementary and high schools in locations that are home to Bravante Group units. The aim is to share information about the environment, promote discussions and contribute to building responsible social and environmental identity at schools.

Volunteering Encouragement Program

About us Companies Map of operations Customers News Society, culture and the environmen Contact us Society, culture and the environment Quality, Health and Safety, Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy Code of Ethics rodapé fixo em todo o site The aim of this program is to encourage employees to become personally involved in social responsibility projects, such as internal campaigns to donate food and blankets to local charities.

Individual and Family Social Support

Program Bravante runs a program to meet all the demands that arise in the everyday professional and personal lives of its employees and their relatives/dependants. A specialist conducts social interviews, provides guidance, refers people to other professionals, and visits people in their homes and at hospital, among other activities to ensure the wellbeing of employees and their families.

Support for the Grael Project

The purpose of this partnership is to generate professional development opportunities for students participating in the Grael Project at the Instituto Rumo Náutico. The Grael Project conducts courses aimed at the shipbuilding market, covering areas such as carpentry, upholstery, outboard motor mechanics, and diesel motor mechanics. Through this partnership, Bravante improves the employability of students, enabling them to join the Group’s workforce or participate in specific programs, such as its Young Apprentice course.

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