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Quality, Health and Safety, Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy

The Bravante Group strives to comply with all quality, health and safety, environmental, and social responsibility requirements in its shipping activities, management of vessels and operational bases, and environmental emergency training and response services. It is committed to:

• seeking continuous improvement and effectiveness in its Quality, Health and Safety, Environmental, and Social Responsibility Management System;

• meeting our customers’ needs and monitoring their satisfaction;

• complying with applicable health, safety and environmental legislation throughout the organization, to minimize risks to its employees, service providers, property, the environment and the community;

• ensuring capacity and awareness among its entire workforce, suppliers and service providers in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental and social responsibility issues;

• identifying hazards, risks, aspects and impacts, and acting continuously and preventively, maintaining control over situations that could put the workforce at risk or harm the environment;

• guaranteeing unrestricted authority to those responsible for respective company areas when taking decisions about health, safety and environment protection, and supplying the necessary resources;

• complying with and enforcing the organization’s Code of Ethics to ensure appropriate social and professional conduct.

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