Bravante Offshore
We started our Marine Support activity in 2003 and, since then, our operation has been continuous. We have a fleet with three types of vessels: OSRV, PSV and AHTS.

Since 2003, it charters OSVs,
providing services for the
oil & gas industry.

Our services

We have great expertise in the operation of vessels from foreign shipowners, operating as a Brazilian Shipping Company (EBN). We have managed dozens of vessels of different types in our history.

Due to the substantial number of ships builted in Brazil, we have tonnage available to place foreign-flagged vessels in the Special Brazilian Registry (REB).

We operate in logistic support to oil & gas offshore activities and provide marine support vessels for charter with the purpose of supporting floating oil units at sea.

Our fleet

OSRV (Oil Spill Response Vessel)

OSRV (Oil Spill
Response Vessel)

Oil Spill Response Vessels (OSRV) are used to monitor, detect, and operate against oil spills and its by-products at sea. They have the characteristics required for a quick response, mitigating the effects of an incident with hydrocarbons. We have the 1st dedicated OSRV built in Brazil, the Mar Limpo II vessel (2012), which was built in our own shipyard, the São Miguel Shipyard.

PSV (Platform Supply Vessel)

PSV (Platform
Supply Vessel)

The main job of a PSV (Platform Supply Vessel) is to provide marine support by transporting supplies, equipment, and several other types of cargo to marine units of the oil & gas industry.

AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply)

AHTS (Anchor
Handling Tug Supply)

Vessels of the AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply) type are versatile and are equipped to carry out several types of operations, such as offloading, pull back and anchoring. Furthermore, it acts as support for ocean terminals.

They have configuration with open stern to allow for the mooring of anchors and power is its main characteristic.

Our bases

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Since December of 2020, the Bravante Group has been responsible for the Operational, Financial and Commercial management of Marlin Group.