Hidroclean, company with more than 20 years of experience, is the work front responsible for act in the prevention and fight against environmental damage caused by hydrocarbon. Furthermore, it develops and implements contingency plans for the largest companies of the oil & gas industry, among others that operate in Brazil. We have over 40 based in 18 Brazilian states.

Since the 2000s it has been providing emergency response and prevention services for environmental accidents involving hydrocarbons.
It develops and implements contingency plans for the largest companies in the oil & gas industry operating in Brazil.


Hidroclean represents The Response Group (TRG) in Brazil, a world leader in the field of Crisis Management and Emergency Response, with in-depth, combined experience in the fields of Oil and Gas and Chemicals.

Our services

Hidroclean is prepared to respond emergencies with oils and dangerous products 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service is called Readiness and Emergency Response. We have material and human resources to perform such services with quality and efficiency in open and inland waters and terrestrial environment.

We have several partnerships for the provision of specialized services, including certified laboratories, fauna rescue and rehabilitation, imaging with drones, disposal of contaminated waste, and vessel salvage.

Service offered to moored or anchored vessels, Hidroclean’s Preventing booming minimizes the impacts of a potential emergency. In the event of oil spill, the preventing booming avoids oil dispersion and expedites/streamlines response actions.

Hidroclean is certified by The Nautical Institute to conduct courses and training for oil spill response according to international standard IMO and OPRC. Below are examples of courses: Familiarization (8h); IMO1 (24h); IMO2 (32h); IMO3 (40h); Incident Command System – 100 / 200 (8h); Incident Command System – 300 (16h).

Hidroclean offers lease, sale and maintenance service for equipment required for environmental emergency prevention actions for oil spills. Whether in port environment or offshore, we have a skilled team, current technologies, and various accessories for these demands. Contact use and learn about our work.

Hidroclean offers practical training service for response to oil spill at sea. The purpose of the training is to qualify vessel crews for a potential response to an oil spill (hydrocarbons) at sea, using oil spill recovery (OSR) equipment and equipment operation techniques (containment and recovery), such as laying of “U” and “J”-shaped oil booms and positioning of the skimmer for recovery simulation.

We develop several types of emergency plans for port and offshore facilities where accidents/incidents with oil by-products and dangerous chemicals may occur. A few of our plans: Individual Emergency Plan; Emergency Action Plan; Mathematical Modeling; Tactical Plans; Risk Management Plan.

We have prepared Studies of Oil Transportation and Dispersion to subsidize ISPs, using SisBAHiA and ADIOS2, models widely and commercially used and validated in the academic community for trajectory prediction, concentration, and interaction of the oil with the coast.

Through our partnership with The Response Group (TRG), we offer our clients integrated technological solutions for the management of emergencies with web-based software (work online, without the need for local installation) and fully integrated cellular and tablet applications compatible with the Incident Command System (ICS), helping to conveniently manage, organize and record the response to incidents, from the use and distribution of required resources (personnel and equipment) to finances and logistics.

With a crisis room especially prepared and integrated to TRG’s emergency management tool, Hidroclean has the capacity to provide structure for planning drills and response to real emergencies.

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