Navemestra Bunker
Our story begins with Navemestra, the first segment of the Bravante Group. It is one of the leading bunkering companies in Brazil. Around 2 million tons of bunker are moved per year through a diverse fleet that ensures the holding of over 50% of the national Market Share.

Since 1965 we transport, store, and supply vessels with bunker, either at sea or in port terminals.

Our fleet

The entire Navemestra fleet is rated and certified for transport and storage of marine fuel oil. Our vessels can also operate as oil collectors in case of emergencies. Navemestra operates in 6 bases present in 5 Brazilian states.

Our services

Located in our base in São Gonçalo – RJ, the Port Terminal has 5 covered stalls with moving capacity of 90,000m³ per month of oil by-products, them being:

  • Aromatics 
  • Condensates 
  • Lubricants  
  • Marine diesel oil and road diesel oil 

The stalls are equipped with pumping units and two platforms with loading arms for trucks. The carts are always weighed on the entrance and exit from the terminal, which is monitored 24/7 by cameras and property guards. The fuel supply terminal is covered with containment channels and fall blocking. It also has an area dedicated to waste management and sleeve testing.

The TBV has authorization from ANTAQ and license from INEA, in addition to certificate of approval from the Fire Department, ensuring quality and safety to clients during operations.

Navemestra is a port support company that transports, stores and fuels vessels, whether at sea or in port terminals.

Our bases

We currently have
6 operational bases
in 5 different states:

  • Vitória (ES);
  • Açu Port (RJ);
  • Rio de Janeiro (RJ);
  • Santos (SP);
  • Rio Grande (RS);
  • Paranaguá (PR).
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