São Miguel Shipyard
São Miguel Shipyard, strategically located in São Gonçalo (RJ) along road BR 101, has 25,000m² and docking capacity for vessels up to 6m draught. We have more than 40 years of experience in naval construction, upgrade, and repairs and, over the past years, we were responsible for the construction of vessels of several types and sizes: 6 OSRVs 750, 2 PSVs 4500, 2 salt carriers, 2 barges and 6 tugboats.

Since 1978 building and reparing
different types of vessels.
It has an area of 25.000m².

Our services

São Miguel Shipyard has over 40 years of experience in the repair of vessels of varying types and sizes. With two available dry docks, it has the capacity of carrying out up to 4 simultaneous repairs, depending on the size of the vessel. Among the services offered, we highlight: engineering solutions, installation of structures, conversion, and upgrading of vessels.

Our Shipyard has the capacity to dock vessels with draft of up to 6m. We have all the machinery and infrastructure to carry out services such as: hull hydroblasting, tank cleaning, steel outfitting and piping services, cargo handling, among others.

Our mooring dock is 150m long and can be leased for mooring, execution of inspections, cleaning or other purposes.

Due to its two dry docks, our shipyard can deliver up to two vessels of the size of a PSV 4500 per year. Our shipyard has an overhead travelling crane for the manufacture of blocks, which allows us to have end-to-end control over the entire building process. We offer an innovative structure to meet the market’s demands, which allows us to deliver our projects within the deadlines and with international standard of quality.


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